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வெள்ளி, 20 ஏப்ரல், 2018

Is the husband's horoscopes a cause for women who fail to fall prey? Read it? Spiritual Astrologer - Lucky Fatal - Lucky Arithmetic Expert - R. Ravana BSC

                                                    Mother Puma Devi

To learn about the status of virginity in a young woman's horoscope, you can tell her about her virginity if she examines Luckham's fourth place in the woman's horoscope.

This is the fourth place where there is a link to the gestures. Even though the fourth place is associated with the attributes of the prince, the girl will be the wrong one to the end.

Well, let's see how a man's horoscopes can come to know whether his wife is unfaithful.

A seventh place for Luckham is a place where a man is in a janan horoscope. Similarly, in the horoscope's horoscopes, Lakhan should study the tenth place in the horoscope.

Whether in the tens of planets or the planetary planets, or the tens of the house, the jatakan's wife will remain untrue in the end.

This tens place, or the tenth head of the house, without contact of the planetary planets, is connected to the evil planets, and the astrologer's wife will not fail because of the evil planets in the horoscope of that horoscope.

This incident takes place in the horoscope of the horoscopes of the strongest planets relating to the tenth home in that horoscope's horoscope.

That's what the woman's genus horoscopes are the planetary systems that she will not miss her virginity. In the husband's horoscope, Lakhna is affected by the tenth place and the woman is in a state of hypnosis.

The reason for this is that the Jatagan's wife, Jenana Jathakam, is a planetary planet that will be the end of Dharma Patti, even if her husband's horoscopes of the horrors of her husband's horoscopes are created, and her husband's horoscope is fully responsible for her.

Problem in your family? Husband - wife - the difference between the two? Is marriage late? Are you married and have no child? Is your baby born in a lucky manner? Property problem? Does not a permanent job offer? Are you losing a job? Your shop or your company is not lucky to name it? Are you suffering from a debt problem? Did not get promotion? Would you fail to go abroad and earn an earning effort? Chronic illness in the body Every effort you make for life's progress fail? Do not worry. This is because your horoscope is a yoga, but your birthday - the date of birth - the number of the birth date - the Hebrew number - may be dominated by undeveloped evil planets. All of these troubles out of your horoscope structure analyzing - your date of birth - the birth date of the composite number - Hebrew Number - these are the immediate benefit of quality in order with your name and fortune naming casttira formally minor amendments in life you will take every step to achieve success astrology with the prosperous life The way we show.

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